Create a 10K Content Marketing Planner

10K Content Marketing Planner

Your Social Media secret weapon!

Social Media Content Calendars are the best way to plan and organise upcoming content. And will get you to 10K months. 

They solve the problem of 1) can’t think of anything to  post, or 2) you've got so much material you're confused about how and when to use it, or 3) you overwhelm your audience — which means your brilliant messaging gets lost in the noise

Find out why you should have a Content Calendar and how to get started.

What my clients say: 

"Working with Cassie has allowed me to have a clear-cut idea of what I wanted for the website and social media strategy. Cassie was full of ideas about how to do newsletters and how to develop content for our social media accounts. The best thing about working with Cassie has been the freedom and flexibility and that she has allowed me to be able to develop the website and marketing strategy as I felt comfortable with" Georgiana Barzey, ABC consultancy

"Being part of the program has also opened my eyes to the marketing that works and helped me reduce my feelings of overwhelm by understanding what to focus on. If you’re thinking of joining the program I say  - do it now, it’s worth a lot more than the payment you make and definitely good value for money" Tania Diggory, This is Calmer

"We started our journey with Cassie as luddites when it comes to social media after seeing her social media PIN presentation. Cassie has helped us understand it and what it can do as well putting together a website to help us establish credibility. We now have a marketing plan which will help us going forward as PIN hosts and as property investors and developers. It was a pleasure working with her and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs to step up their social media game." Andy McCullum, Property Investor and Basingstoke PIN Host

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Cassie Hicks
Cassie Hicks
Digital Marketing Mentor

About the instructor

Helping entrepreneurs, business owners and course creators raise their profile online and drive sales with digital marketing. Having worked with thousands of business owners, and completed years of learning and research, I'm excited to show you how to create consistent income on Social Media. 

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