Social Media Accelerator SPRINT

Social Media Accelerator SPRINT

4X Your Sales on Facebook or Instagram in 8 weeks (or less)

Stop dabbling on Social Media, and make it your primary source of Leads and Sales! 💎

Now, that might not seem “realistic” from where you are currently in your business, but you could make that your reality in the next 60 days.

👉 Learn how to leverage Facebook and Instagram to grow your business - without overwhelm, a big list or ads. 

In this action-focused challenge you'll learn my 3-part framework for generating more sales on Facebook. 

Imagine how it would feel to open your laptop to notifications of new sales for your services or online course. 🔥

What if your inbox and Facebook page were full of love notes from customers with raving reviews and referrals? 🔥

The next 8 weeks could be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for in your business.

If you’re ready to stop dabbling on Social Media and take action to MAKE MORE SALES - then this is the program for you. 🔥🔥

The Social Media Accelerator SPRINT is an 8- week LIVE challenge that will give you the CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and ROADMAP to sell your services and programs on Facebook. 

You'll learn how to master Facebook, Facebook Live and Instagram, and combine these powerful tools to grow your business quickly. 

🎇 Once you master the framework you can RINSE AND REPEAT and use these tools to grow your business quickly. $2k+ in 8 weeks is just the beginning! 

🎇 You'll leave the program with a framework and a content plan that gets you noticed, and brings in sales. 

👉 If you're a business owner, entrepreneur or freelancer and want to add at least $2k+ to your income in the next 8 weeks (or less) in a lively, fun community, this is for you. 

Stop wasting time and money on out-dated strategies that don't work any more. If you want to get visible, build your community and increase sales, join me for the SPRINT, and get ready to ACCELERATE YOUR SALES! 



Kirstin from BlueMaestro has 4X her sales using just ONE of the strategies she learnt in the Social Media Accelerator. Go Kirstin! 


Being part of the Social Media Accelerator program I’ve now got everything I need to market my business online. Thinking of joining? Do it, I highly recommend this program if you want to grow your business online,  Lucy Toleman, Indee Yoga


The Social Media Accelerator has transformed my approach to marketing, and the feedback on my new website has been fantastic. Being part of the program has opened my eyes to the marketing that works and helped me reduce my feelings of overwhelm by understanding what to focus on.

The biggest transformation for me has been clarity around my online marketing. Before it was a minefield and totally overwhelming. Social Media Accelerator sets you up for success.

- Tania Diggory, Founder of Calmer


Before the program,  I didn’t know anything about marketing online and had very little confidence in using Social Media. Now I’m really clear on what to do (I’ve gone from a 2 on the confidence scale to at least a 7 or 8). I’ve got my strategy mapped out and I’m really glad I did this program as it’s left me feeling motivated and enthusiastic about using Social Media to grow my business. Debbie Holder.


I liked the practical “get it done” nature of the Social Media Accelerator program. Working in a small group makes it easy to work with everyone, get your questions answered and benefit from each other’s questions and input. As a result I’ve learnt a lot and been able to move my business forward.

- Bobby Shah, Digital Brand Management X


You tap into people's business needs very quickly and you have the ability to teach a great deal in a very short period of time. Your course helps to use social media in a totally different and far more efficient way. Thank you. Ali Mandritis,

Cassie Hicks
Cassie Hicks
Digital Marketing Mentor

About the instructor

Helping entrepreneurs, business owners and course creators raise their profile online and drive sales with digital marketing. Having worked with thousands of business owners, and completed years of learning and research, I'm excited to show you how to create consistent income on Social Media. 

What's included?

25 Videos
1 Survey
1 Multimedia
19 Texts
4 PDFs
1 Download

Course Curriculum

MODULE 8: Bringing it all together - Wrap up and Next Steps

The Social Media Accelerator is an 8-week intensive for entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to become visible, make an impact and make some real money.

You'll learn the 8 key drivers you need in order to seriously grow your business in 2019. You won’t just read about these strategies, you’ll put them to use and see real results - so you can work less, while earning more.

The Social Media Accelerator includes:

- 8 live workshops with Q&A sessions. 

- 4 group coaching calls where you’ll be coached by me.

- A supportive, private Facebook community with like-minded entrepreneurs.

- Worksheets, templates and swipe files you can use to take action immediately

- Accountability, and Instagram Boosts to raise your profile and maintain momentum.

This is the last time I'll be offering the Sprint at the super low price of only £497 for 8 weeks of us working together. So jump in today! 

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