Facebook ads bootcamp

Create a high-converting Facebook ad campaign in 5 days. The course includes 5 training modules, worksheets, examples, templates, and tracking sheets PLUS Bonus Materials including Facebook ad examples, and training on the *NEW* Facebook Ads Manager (updated Oct 2019) 

Day 1: Find Your Audience on FB
Day 2: Hook your audience in with great copy
Day 3: Create eye-catching Images
Day 4: Set Up Your Ad in 5 Minutes
Day 5: Track your spend and ROI

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Cassie Hicks
Cassie Hicks
Digital Marketing Mentor

About the instructor

Helping entrepreneurs, business owners and course creators raise their profile online and drive sales with digital marketing. Having worked with thousands of business owners, and completed years of learning and research, I'm excited to show you how to create consistent income on Social Media. 

What's included?

7 Videos
1 Multimedia
7 Texts
4 PDFs

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